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The RECIPE recommends recipes based on the ingredients in your refrigerator by analyzing millions of recipes.
The Concept
The RECIPE application suggests recipes based on ingredients in the refrigerator by filtering millions of online recipes. Users can also plan their recipes for entire week and order only missing ingredients that are necessary for recipes. It will help users maintain their diets, save time and money.
The Challenge It is difficult for people living alone to eat regularly and healthy as it requires a lot of time money and energy to cook at home. They avoid cooking at home for three main reasons.
Regularly shopping at grocery stores is tiresome Food Waste (vegetables, fruits, and milk have short expiration dates) Shopping for food and cooking meals take time
The Technology The new object recognition scanner uses a camera to recognize an item rather than scan the barcode. The camera has information on every product in the grocery store. Sensitive to patterns, the camera can even recognize different types of apples.
RFID technology will replace barcode scanners. In the future, every product will have a RFID tag. This tag will act as a unique product identifier, providing information about the product such as its expiration date. The smart refrigerator will read this tag and automatically enter the product information in its system. The reader will scan RFID tags every time food is put in or taken out of the fridge.
Key features
Smart Fridge
Nowadays, more and more companies are developing smart refrigerators. Smart refrigerators are already in the market now. LG Smart Refrigerator has a barcode scanner application that helps people keep track of the contents inside the refrigerator. The Samsung T9000 “smart” refrigerator also has a grocery manager application that monitors its contents. People can manually add food products to the system as well. They can also receive a reminder about expiration dates by entering information about food products. There are two ways to make an even smarter refrigerator that automatically manages food items inside it without scanning the barcode or manually entering what food is in the fridge.
Smart refrigerator tracks what's inside the refrigerator. All food will have clear expiration dates and the fridge will calculate the freshness of food.

What's for dinner tonight?
This is simple future refrigerator interface with object recognition scanner and RFID technology. This refrigerator can automatically track what is inside as the reader will scan RFID tags every time food is put in or taken out of the fridge. This is the interface that shows on the front of the refrigerator. It shows name and number of food and expiration date. The expiration date labels are marked red for the foods with short expiration dates. 1. Object Recognition Scanner
2. RFID Technology
Future refrigerator Interface
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