"What's good in this restaurant?"

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Get recommendations from people who have actually tried the dish.

The Concept


“What's good in this restaurant? This question is often asked in restaurants to servers.

The servers tend to recommend dishes based on their personal preferences.


"Get recommendations from people who have actually been to the restaurant."


Menunote is an online menu that recommends most popular dishes in restaurants and allows users to access photos of various dishes and reviews written by millions of people across the web. When users open this web application in a restaurant, the menu of that restaurant is automatically displayed.

The Design

To make the users feel as if they are looking at the actual paper restaurant menu,

we chose to put an image of a restaurant table in the background of our online menu.

2. Filter SNS reviews


User Experience

The idea of making an online menu started with a common pattern of behavior and inconvenience that we

observed and experienced in restaurants. People often asked the servers for recommendations, and the

servers seemed to recommend dishes based on their personal food preferences. We saw many customers

who ordered dishes based on the servers’ recommendations and were not very satisfied with the food. We also

noticed how most restaurants do not provide pictures of dishes on the menu. To make the process of choosing

dishes more convenient for customers and to help them find the most popular and the most delicious dishes on

the menu, we decided to build a web application designed to connect paper restaurant menus with the Internet.


To collect people's opinions on our application, we made a     visual prototype and       interviewed restaurant owners and customers in cafes, bars, and restaurants for their opinions. Through their honest feedbacks, we were able to learn about the customers’ general thought process. When people choose dishes, things that have the most

influence on their decision are photos of dishes and recommendations. We created another visual prototype

based on the feedbacks that we received. We asked people’s opinions on the upgraded prototype. Taking

these feedbacks into consideration, we decided to make Menunote       a simple photo-oriented online menu

application that has dish reviews powered by millions of restaurant reviewers across the web.

Wireframes / Key Freatures

The Technology
The Team The advisors

User flow

The Code

1. Filter dish images


 Get dish images and SNS reviews were key to the Menunote.








Visual Hierarchy


Is the responsive design necessary?


Smart Design save both time and money. Most web applications have responsive web design, which takes a lot of time coding. To make Menunote more cost-effective and time-efficient, we design the web application so that its length-to-width ratio is exactly the same as the ratio of an iphone 5 screen. The menu will fit the computer screen vertically. A picture of a restaurant table, a design aimed to make the users feel as if they are looking at an actual paper menu, will fill the spaces left on the sides. This smart design will save time and money as there is no need to design a seperate web application.


Visual Design